About Us

Quality, Experience, Innovation!

Protector Masks Ltd. designs, manufactures and sells a new generation of protective anti-contamination face masks and systems. We applied holistic principles and body protective clothing experience to break-thru and advance beyond the current conception of what a mask is and what it can do. Working alongside experts with generations of experience designing textiles protection systems for soldiers against ballistic threats and tactical body architecture and carrying systems, we have produced a comprehensive solution that solves numerous drawbacks of other masks on today’s market.

Solutions from the Experts in Textile Protection Systems

Our premise was masks are not going away any time soon, and they are essentially articles of clothing and can provide an answer to the new threats we face.

The Protector Masks are characterized by being modular, providing 360-degrees of shoulder up protection including the eyes, of relying primarily on natural fabrics to filter and providing the wearer with a level of protection and a first barrier protection from air-born contaminants. They are light, they look professional.

Today policemen, soldiers or security professionals now have another tool to enable him/her to interact with the public, to protect and serve with increased safety against the unseen threat of contagious air or body fluid carried disease.

Protector Masks Ltd. is glad to offer a system that is comprehensive, synergistic and intuitive. Finally a mask for professionals that makes sense.

Our Headquarters is located in a military textile company in the North of Israel.

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