Anti Bacterial 3 Layer Replacement Filter – Works with all The Protector models



An antibacterial and antiviral insert that works with all The Protector models.

For added anti-contamination protection choose our Protector 3 Layer multiple use
Anti-Bacterial Filters. These 10 x 20 cm filters are made of an inner and outer Nano Membrane specially patented non-woven spun bound material designed to filter out and stops .03 to 3% micron particles from passing thru. This means it is capable of filtering and blocking not only virus carrying water droplets, but the microscopic viruses themselves.
The insert is composed of a middle layer needle punched non-woven material incorporating Nano patented technology that incorporates Nano size copper that actively neutralize the bacteria or virus.
The combination of physical filtration with active anti-bacterial neutralizing capacity creates for a powerful supplement fitting into any of the Protector Mask Versions.

The Protector Anti Bacterial Filter is easily inserted into a special pocket on the inside of the middle mouth and nose protective strip of the Protector Modular Mask.

The Protector Anti-Bacterial insert is a disposable yet stays effective and can be used numerous times before throwing away.

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FAB-030NW002-RC Middle Layer Copper of 3 Layer Filter


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Dimensions 20 × 10 cm