Anti Fogging Spray




One of the common problems created by masks is fogging on goggles and glasses.  Warm air emitted from breathing rises under the transparent protective eye shield especially in colder weather causing fogging.  Moving from a cold environment such as an air conditioned car to a hot or warmer outside can cause the same.

Apply Protectors Anti Fog spray to the Protector Mask PVC flexible eye shield to treat the problem of fogging.

Note: In cases of fogging because the Protector Eye Region Strip is modular, it can be loosened to allow for evaporation and dissipation of fog. In cases where immediate unhindered sight is paramount, the eye guard element can be removed quickly via the Velcro seams.

KOALA CLEAR: Fight the fog with the ultimate Anti-Fog Spray System featuring our invisible No Fog layer | 275 sprays will last for up to 3 months with daily use
SIMPLE AND LONG LASTING: Our anti-fog spray is formulated to last for up to 48 hours per application | Spray, wait, wipe | Designed to last even in the most challenging environments.
FULLY OPTIMIZED: Our proprietary hydrophilic defogging solution has been specifically optimized for use with face coverings for ultimate fog-free coverage.
DESIGNED FOR PREMIUM MODERN LENSES: Anti-reflective, anti-glare, blue light, prescription, and reading lenses. Polarized, mirrored, designer sunglasses.
KOALA PROMISE: Join the Koala family. We are millions strong and growing. Enjoy the best lens anti-fog experience or it’s on us.

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