The Protector Advanced – Made of Patented Antibacterial Polyester and Cotton Blend Fabric



Protector Advanced. The Anti-Bacterial/Anti-Virus Advantage
The Protector Advanced Mask’s effectiveness is based on three factors, its unique patent pending 360 design full face coverage, natural fabric filtration and a special patented anti-bacterial copper Nano-technology built into the cotton that neutralizes and prevents bacteria and virus from living on the mask.

The Protector Advanced surrounds and seals the wearer’s head thus helping to eliminate gaps. Furthermore, the wearer can adjust the size to fit his/her head size and shape using Velcro strips at the back of the Proctor Mask.

The Protector Advanced middle and lower modular strips are constructed of 2 layers of a special 75% cotton 25% polyester fabric blend with an added layer over the mouth and nose region making for a total of 3 layers providing high level physical filtration and active bacterial neutralization.

Eye protection is provided by upper strip that includes a PVC transparent shield enabling and a layer of The Protector Advanced fabric surrounding the ears that together allows to wearer to see, hear and interact effectively while staying protected.

Added Filtration Efficiency
Those looking for additional filtration efficiency can use the pocket built into the Protector Advanced to insert Disposable multiple use 3-layer anti-bacterial insert filters, the added natural protector filter or even other filters or masks found on the market.

Active spun bond layers: BioBlock Accelerated Copper nonwoven fights microbes with which it is in contact to extend the life of the layer.

Washing Instructions

Cleaning Instructions for woven layers:
Hand wash or Machine Wash, delicate Cycle,  Warm 30±3°C, with a mild liquid detergent Rinse thoroughly with drinking quality water and air dry out of direct sunlight Make sure the mask is completely dry before re-use.
Caution: Do not use bleach, alcohol, cleaning solutions containing bleach or alcohol, or cleaning solutions containing conditioners or softeners.

Fabric Test Results

View the antimicrobial test results for the polyester and cotton blend fabric used in The Protector Advanced Antibacterial.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 27 × 20 × 2.5 cm