The Protector Carrying Pouch




The Protector Mask Carrying Pouch attaches to an officer’s or health worker’s belt or tactical vest. Easy and wide opening of the pouch enables quick and easy access and deployment of Protector in seconds notice.
On duty, sudden developments require fast reactions. Approaching unknown suspects, witnesses or victims can create a sudden challenge and serious dilemma in today’s age of COVID. The Protector pouch enables an officer to operate unhindered without a mask until it is required. Once it is, the Protector mask can be removed immediately and with a flip of the hand, opened, easily wrapped around the face and sealed behind the head. When the risk de-escalates, the masks can be easily re-stored in the Protector mask pouch. Made of CORDURA®, pouch is military and law enforcement tough, can be washed, allows breathing between inside and outside of the pouch to help maintain dry and ready Protector mask.