The Protector – Made of Fire Resistant Material



Police and Emergency Rescue personnel, Fireman need to be prepared for unpredictable threats. The Protector Fire Resistant provides a shield against contamination from contagious diseases like the Carona Virus while also providing protection to the wearer from exposure to flames. This can be especially relevant when having to confront violent protests or respond to fire emergencies among crowds and individuals that may be carriers of disease.
The Protector Pro surrounds your head thus eliminating gaps and is sealed and fit adjusted the wearer head size and shape using Velcro strips at the back of the head.
Eye protection is provided by upper strip with PVC transparent shield enabling the wearer to see, hear and interact effectively.
Added Filtration Efficiency Those looking for additional filtration efficiency can use the pocket built into the Protector Pro to insert Disposable multiple use 3-layer anti-bacterial insert filters, the added natural protector filter or even other filters or masks found on the market.

Material Description for the Fire Resistant Version of The Protector:

STYLE, FINISH:		        S/2610		F/929
DESCRIPTION:		        Visa RS x RS Stretch Poplin		
OVERALL WIDTH:			63-64"	Overall (Fringe)
CONSTRUCTION:			93 x 51	
OZ./SQ. YD.:			5.00	+/- 5%
TENSILE W X F:			100 x 75	ASTM  D5034  (in lbs)
SLIPPAGE W X F:			30 x 30 	ASTM  D434
TEAR W X F:			3178 x 3405	ASTM  D1424   (in grams)
PILLING (10w-160):		2.5  	        ASTM  D3512
APPEARANCE:			3.5	        AATCC  124
SHRINKAGE (10w-160):		2.5 x 2.0 MAX	
FLEX ABRASION:			1000+ X 1000+	ASTM  D3885  (Cycles)