The Protector Pro – Made of 100% Natural Filtering Cotton



The Protector Pro relies on two principles. A 360 Degree full face coverage design and the natural filtration power of dense cotton. The Protector Pro surrounds your head and is sealed and fit adjusted using Velcro strips at the back of the head. Eye protection is provided by upper strip with PVC transparent shield. The U.S Center for Disease Control describes the advantages of various combinations of natural fabrics. (click for article) The Protector Pro uses 3 layers of dense cotton able to filter out at least 80% of 3 micron droplets, the main carrier of the Corona Virus. (click for Test Report)
Eye protection is provided by upper strip with PVC transparent shield enabling the wearer to see, hear and interact effectively.
Those looking for additional filtration efficiency can use the pocket built into the Protector Pro to insert Disposable multiple use 3-layer anti-bacterial insert filters, the added natural protector filter or even other filters or masks found on the market.
Facing hostile elements, Protector lower strip with the Protector Anti Trauma element to shield from aerosols while providing anti-blunt trauma protection to the neck and upper chest area.

See test results for the fabric of this product.

Washing Instructions

Put in Regular Wash at 70 Degrees.