The Protector’s Wearable AC




Anti Contamination masks are part of life for those who work with the public. Another piece of uniform in hot hot temperature zones and climates can increase perspiration and discomfort.
The Protector mask is designed to be worn for short periods of time when risk of contamination is a factory, nevertheless even for those moments of exposure there can be a level of added heat discomfort. This discomfort is the price for added protection against contagious diseases when on the job.
Protectors mask offers the Blaux Portable A.C for those who choose to wear it in combination with the Protector mask. The physical design of the Blaux enables it to be placed around the neck and therefore worn on the outside of the mask. The air channels can be directed through small gaps adjusted between the masks Velcro Seams. The cooling element at the back of the AC can cool the back of the neck through the masks cotton. The Blaux can be removed quickly and put aside and air gaps along the seams easily re-closed, if conditions require physical contact with the public such as crowd control or subduing suspects.

Disclaimer: In this day of age professionals have to make decisions based on numerous factors. No solution is ideal and all come with their own advantages and drawbacks. Protector makes no claim as to the safety in all scenarios wearing the Blaux Portable A.C.